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Increasingly, shipping containers are being used as a solution for both temporary and permanent accommodation needs.

Because they are designed to be modular, storage containers are perfect in lending themselves to use as building structures, such as in temporary housing, hotels, offices, retail buildings, art galleries and even nurseries.

They have largely been adopted as accommodation units because of their basic, boxy structure. A small dwelling can be created out of a single container, whilst stacking multiple units allows for larger designs for a home or a series of living spaces to interrelate. Many places around the world have container cities, where a housing complex-like concoction of containers combine to create housing from repurposed storage and shipping containers.

Just as a steel container can be designed, stacked and transformed, bespoke to your domestic needs in creating versatile housing complexes, combined with others these steel storage containers create great hotels. The very first shipping container hotel was in Uxbridge, West London, built out of 86 modified steel container units. Reports suggest that the structure was 25% faster and 10% cheaper to build than a typical hotel construction would have been!

Used or new storage containers also lend themselves very well to use as a sprawling office or retail complex. The same way they can be designed bespoke to fashion practical living quarters, their flexible, portable nature also makes them perfect for commercial functions. Shipping containers, both old and new, are easy to source from manufacturers and reliable buyers and sellers of high-quality units, like us.

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