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ISO Containers

ISO stands for ‘International Standards Organisation’, meaning that an ISO Container has received the ISO seal, indicating a container’s worthiness for shipping and transport.

An ISO shipping container is resilient and reliable, perfect for repeated use and storage. ISO containers are thus especially good for carrying goods. Designed for easy fill and emptying, an ISO tank container is constructed according to the quality criteria and dimensions set by the ISO standard.

Whether an ISO container for sale or an ISO container for hire, these units are standardised intermodal containers. They are reusable steel boxes that are designed for efficient, safe, and secure movement or storage of products and materials. All ISO Container sizes have individual ISO 6346 marks. 10ft ISO Containers are typically the smallest size available, and the largest comes in at 45ft.

ISO Container dimensions vary – the most commonly used is the 20ft unit, which is usually 8ft wide and fitted with hinged doors and a sturdy lock. This type is often referred to as as twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU). Recently, more customers are asking for a 9ft 6 inch container (high cube). High demand made companies buy and sell ISO shipping containers in sizes ranging from 10ft to 45ft long, with an 8.6 foot tall, 8 foot long frame.

Shipping and hauling companies have made adjustments to accommodate and secure containers of this height too.

ISO Containers guarantee that your items are being stored and transported in airtight, watertight shipping containers. Corner castings and posts, under-bearers, sills and bottom rails that are made of steel must all meet the strength and dimensional tolerance specifications established by ISO regulations. ISO containers are also subject to inspection and approval by many ship classification societies. CSC or International Convention for Safe Containers 1996 created the structural requirements for ISO Containers. This standard is followed by the UK in terms of inspection, testing, maintenance and approval of containers.

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