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Bespoke Lodges

Here at the Cleveland containers, along with the standard enquires we get a lot of bespoke enquires too.

From coffee shops to motorbike storage, our experienced conversions manager and our CAD engineer carefully work together to create a well thought out bespoke design to suit your personalised needs.

A couple of years ago we created a bespoke lodge, the lodge was made from a 30ft x 12ft steel box. The box was cladded to hide the steel exterior and totally transformed into a beautiful nature inspired lodge. This bespoke lodge is suitable for camping and caravan sites of all sizes, each of our lodges is professionally manufactured by experienced modular engineers and built to current building regulations, ensuring a safe and secure provision.

Bespoke Lodges
Bespoke Lodges
Bespoke Lodges
Bespoke Lodges

As part of a bespoke service, you can choose your own size and layout - just tell us what you want and we will deliver. You have full control of the whole process, from planning the layout to choosing the internal finish and features, meaning that each lodge is truly individual to the person who designed it. Our glamping containers can be built to any spec, and can accommodate 2 to 8 people depending on the size and layout that you choose.


They are:

  • Built to current building regulations ensuring the safety of the product.
  • Fully insulated with rock wool (90 mm side walls, 110 mm floor, 150mm ceiling).
  • Fully electrical certified, and are NIC, EIC accredited.
  • We can guarantee that both the roof and floor are entirely water/ boil proof.
  • The steel shell is 1-hour fire rated for spread of fire.
  • The steel structure is constructed by experienced coded welders.
Bespoke Lodges
Bespoke Lodges
Bespoke Lodges

Please feel free to contact our experienced team with your bespoke ideas and we can give you further advice on this and most importantly give you a competitive quote.

Get in touch:

📞 0330 005 5111


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