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Do you know the difference between New and Used containers?

With the frequent question being asked ‘what is the difference between new and used shipping containers?’ we have decided to explain these differences so you can decide which one is right for you.

For the purpose of this blog we will look at 20ft shipping containers as an example. There are a few obvious differences between new and used containers and it really depends what you intend to use the shipping container for.


The first obvious difference is the condition of the container. A used container is aged and may have marks and scuffs on them and the paint may have faded over time, there may also be some surface rust. A used container is the perfect option if you are looking for somewhere to store items or if you don’t mind a few scuffs and scrapes. Whereas a new/one trip container will only have been used the one time and generally has no damage. A new container is a better alternative if you would like a more professional looking container and if your using it as part of your business.

New and Used containers


New containers are usually one solid colour and have no shipping signs on them, they come with a lock box whereas a used container will often have shipping logos on them and normally come in the original shipping line colours or livery and have been shipped globally up until the point of sale.

New and Used containers
New and Used containers


New containers have more air vents in them and they may also come with bamboo flooring. New containers will most likely come with a lock box. A lock box provides extra security, making it harder to cut the lock and open the container. Used shipping containers don’t’ usually come with a lock box as this is a feature which won’t be used in intermodal shipping.

New and Used containers
New and Used containers

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