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Bunded fuel tanks arrive at Cleveland Containers

As part of its future plans and expansion, Cleveland Containers now offers a new service to customers – bunded fuel tanks.

Bunded fuel tanks

A bunded fuel tank is essentially a “tank in a tank”, which is used to contain oil safely and securely.

The inner tank acts as the primary container for the oil, while the outer tank protects the contents of this container should anything happen. In short, the outer tank is there to back up the inner tank which keeps the oil well protected.

In comparison, a single skin oil tank has no such secondary containment. If that container spills, an environmental pollution incident will occur. Single skin tanks are not as sustainable as bunded fuel tanks and installing a single skin oil tank where a bunded fuel tank is legally required is actually a criminal offence!

Bunded fuel tanks

Under the Environment Agency’s oil storage regulations, storage containers with a capacity of 200 litres or more (for an industrial site) must be stored in a bunded tank, with a secondary containment of no less than 110% of the maximum contents.

We, at Cleveland Containers, are well aware on the right way to get the job done and we’ll make sure your oil is contained professionally and securely. We have 15 years’ experience and have one of the largest nationwide stocks of new and old shipping containers.

As part of our great service and commitment to customers, we’ll answer any questions you might have and give you the guidance and expertise you need to ensure you choose the right tank to suit you and your business.

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