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Cleveland Containers team visit STACK

STACK is finally open! The creative hub in Newcastle for work, culture, entertainment and play, constructed from 60 shipping containers.


The pop-up shops and restaurants are made from used containers, they are eco-friendly, cost effective and have been constructed on Pilgrim Street which was once the home to the old Odeon Cinema.

When Cleveland Containers received the enquiry for STACK we knew this was something we wanted to be involved with, so how was Cleveland Containers involved?

Well, we were the sole shipping container supplier for the project and we were super happy to be involved in supplying the containers and helping with the fabrication.

On Friday 14th September, the Cleveland Containers team went to visit STACK! Below are some thoughts on the community hub:

Eddie: It’s been a really exciting challenge, in fact it is one of our biggest projects to dateIt’s such an amazing thing for the heart of Newcastle and we are proud of the challenges we have achieved through working with stack.

Lewis: We always love receiving enquiries that are exciting like this one. Supplying the containers and fabrication for stack is such an achievement for us. When we visited stack on Friday we were overwhelmed and proud of how the whole project has come together and we look forward to more future projects like this one.

Read more on our latest blog post: STACK is finally open!



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