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Container Hire Prices

Hiring a shipping container can be a great solution for short- to medium-term storage requirements that perhaps do not justify the extra expense of purchasing a shipping container.

Most of the high-quality shipping containers we use for transporting and storing goods must follow rigid ISO and CSC standards, which makes them versatile for a wide range of applications and usages.

Steel storage containers are efficient for storage, provided that the appropriate size is used to match your storage needs.

Shipping containers for hire are efficient vessels for storage. Due to their innate properties (having originally been built to carry cargo around the world on container ships), they are manufactured to be secure, strong and wind- and water-tight, portable storage solutions. With the added security provided by a fitted lockbox and security padlock, these containers are ideal for any storage job whether large or small. They are available in sizes from 10 ft x 20 ft right up to 45 ft x 20 ft, so there is a shipping container for hire to perfectly suit your needs.

Here at Cleveland Containers we provide shipping containers for hire on a national basis, in standard sizes from 10 ft right through to 45 ft, with 6 ft and 8 ft sizes also available from some depots.

A 40 or 45 ft shipping container is a storage unit perfect for storing larger equipment, machinery, sports equipment or construction equipment, as it measures up to roughly the volume of a two-car garage.

For further information on stock in each of our depots, please contact a member of the sales team on 0300 005 5111 or

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