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Shipping Containers for Sale

We’re committed to providing excellent quality shipping containers for sale, to suit all budgets. We offer units in a range of sizes, from 6ft to 45ft, all available in either new or used condition. Whatever your requirements, we’ve got a model to suit your needs.

Container sizes available

Our shipping containers for sale are manufactured to be secure, strong, and wind/watertight, making them an ideal portable storage solution, with added security provided by a fitted lockbox and security padlock.

Alongside our standard units, we offer a superb conversion service: our team can design and create any bespoke conversion based on your requirements, ranging from homes and offices, to changing rooms and hotels – and anything in between!

All of this is available at extremely competitive prices, with all our units available for delivery at the location of your choice using a specialist HIAB vehicle (subject to vehicular access).

Why buy a shipping container from us?

We are committed to offering excellent quality units to suit all budgets (with new or used units available) and requirements (with bespoke conversions).

We offer a comprehensive range of containers, available in all our 16 depots across the UK. Sizes include 6ft-8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft & 45ft – the majority of which are available as new or used.

New Shipping Containers for sale

Our new units are designed and manufactured in China, then loaded and shipped to the UK. We aim to be the one-stop shop for all of your requirements:  with tailor-made services to cater for individual customers’ needs.

We work with companies of all sizes, from one-off sales to individuals through to order fulfilment for major shipping lines.

Our highly-skilled staff have handled major refurbishment programmes on behalf of several global box operators.

If you need more than one unit, we offer discount pricing on multiple purchases.

Used Shipping Containers for sale

Used models can be a great way to meet your storage needs with a lower budget – they are usually older models sold off from the shipping lines to make way for new stock.

They vary in age and condition and depending on those variables, differ in price – they do make for a very astute option, financially.

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