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Insulated shipping and storage containers are available in a range of sizes. In need of a small insulated container? Our 10ft containers can do the trick. Alternatively, you can opt for our 20ft, 30ft and 40ft containers.

Storage requirements such as climate control and reduced risk of condensation would be best suited to this type of container conversion. Insulated shipping containers are often purchased and further converted into bespoke projects such as offices, workshops, restaurants, bars and much more. These modifications typically have people working in them as well as being used for storage so a temperature-controlled environment is essential.

Insulation Process

When insulation is required, we insulate our shipping containers using a three-step process. Initially we create a stud wall which is attached directly to the shipping container. We then install quality-approved insulation into the stud wall, which securely holds the insulation. This features a highly robust thermoset core and composite foil facings. The last stage involves adding either plywood or melamine lining over the top of the insulation and stud wall. This acts as an ideal base for further additions such as shelving units or other objects, and can be easily painted.

Popular insulated shipping and storage containers include tunnels and tri doors, as many self storage operators purchase these to optimise their sites. These units are often fitted with a partition, providing access at both ends for storage use.

Additional Temperature Controlled Solutions

Alternative solutions for a more temperature-controlled environment include Grafo-Therm Anti Condensation treatment and non-operational refrigerated containers. If the unit is to store goods made from materials which are easily perishable, the appropriate solution for this would be Grafo-Therm, which reduces the risk of condensation. 

Individuals often purchase non operational refrigerated containers as they are already insulated, providing climate control for storage even though the refrigerated section doesn’t work.

Frequently Asked Questions

An insulated shipping and storage container is a normal shipping container fitted with quality-approved insulation with either a plywood or melamine lining over the top of it. The insulation provides a temperature-controlled environment within the unit whilst also reducing the risk of condensation.

The majority of shipping containers can be insulated; however, this does not come as standard. The unit would be modified to install the insulation. Refrigerated containers do come insulated as standard, as they require a temperature-controlled environment.

The price of insulating a shipping container would vary based on different factors including the size of the unit and which type of insulation is required. Enquire now to receive a quote for your insulated shipping and storage container.

Insulated shipping containers are a popular modification providing a climate-controlled environment for storage or work requirements. This is available in units from 10ft to 40ft as well as our specialised containers.

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