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  • 27mm Marine Plywood Floor

  • Lock Box Optional

  • Wind And Watertight

  • Multiple Lashing Points

  • Multiple Air Vents

30ft shipping containers do not come as a standard size, however are created by cutting down a 40ft container.
30ft shipping containers offer the perfect middle ground in terms of size, used in a range of industries which can benefit from their spacious design and range of applications. Commonly used for general storage, these units can also be repurposed and converted into bespoke projects such as workshops, bars, restaurants, COSHH stores and much more.

30ft Shipping Container Features

Both of our new and used 30ft shipping containers are built with plywood flooring, multiple air vents and lashing points as standard. All of our 30ft units are guaranteed wind and watertight, giving you peace of mind that all contents inside will be protected. As standard, our new 30ft shipping containers come with a lock box and can be added as an optional extra on used boxes.

Please note that the dimensions of a standard 30ft shipping container can vary because of the fact they are modified. Therefore, dimensions are approximately:

External: 30ft (9,144mm) long, 8ft (2,438mm) wide and 8ft 6ins (2,591mm) high
Internal: 29ft 4ins (8,940mm) long, 7ft 8.6ins (2,352mm) wide and 7ft 10.2ins (2,393mm) high

Dimensions can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

Variations of 30ft Shipping Containers 

The size and versatility of our 30ft units is an appealing factor as they provide more space than a 20ft container and less than a 40ft container should you be limited on space. We can manufacture different types of 30ft storage containers which are available for sale and long-term hire such as:

  • Standard: A popular option for storage with dimensions of 30ft x 8ft and a height of 8ft 6 inches.
  • High Cube: Possessing the same length and width dimensions as the standard but adding an extra foot of height. 

30-Foot Shipping Container Applications 

Our 30-foot shipping containers are robust, making them suitable for a range of applications and conversions. They are also very portable like our 10ft, 20ft and 40ft units. Customers choose these containers for general storage purposes; however, they can be utilised for so much more. Some conversions completed on these units previously have included bars, restaurants, offices, studios and pop-up shops. Common modifications added to these units include; roller shutter doors, bespoke doors and windows, and the addition of heating, lighting and electrics.

30ft Shipping Container Prices

The price of a 30 foot container can vary depending on a number of factors such as the condition of the unit (new or used), as well as the desired location of the unit. We have 19 depots located across the UK so that we can support our customers nationwide. Please enquire to receive an accurate quote in your area.

External Dimensions

  Length Width Height Weight
30ft Standard 30ft
8ft 6ins

Internal Dimensions

Length 29ft 5ins
Width 7ft 8ins
Standard Height 7ft 10ins
End Door Aperture Width 7ft 6ins
Standard End Door Aperture Height 7ft 5ins
Floor Area 227sq ft
Standard Cubic Capacity 1760cu ft
Weight 3200kg

Frequently Asked Questions

30ft shipping containers are not a standard size unit; however, they can be created by cutting down a 40ft container. Typically 20ft and 40ft containers are more readily available, with specialist options accessible such as tunnels, tri door and side opening containers.

Dimensions can vary slightly depending on the specific design and manufacturer. The external dimensions of a standard 30ft shipping container are approximately 30ft (9,144mm) long, 8ft (2,438mm) wide and 8ft 6inch (2,591mm) high. The approximate internal dimensions are 29ft 4ins (8,940mm) long, 7ft 8.6ins (2,352mm) wide and 7ft 10.2ins (2,393mm) high.

The tare weight (weight when empty) of a 30ft shipping container is approximately 2,902kg as they are not a standard size and are made by cutting down a 40ft container.

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