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  • 27mm Marine Plywood Floor

  • Lock Box Optional

  • Wind And Water Tight

  • Multiple Lashing Points

  • Multiple Air Vents

Our 30 foot shipping containers come in a variety of colours, and can be dispatched from your nearest depot – we have 15 in total across the country.

Choose between new and used models. All feature multiple air vents, 27mm marine plywood floor and multiple lashing points as standard, as well as being wind and watertight. A lock box is also standard in our new units, but are optional in used ones.

These units are used in a plethora of industries: from agriculture to retail, chemical to leisure and everything in between.

Applications for 30ft Shipping Containers

The size and versatility of these units make them very popular. They can easily be converted, with common modifications including bespoke doors and windows and roller shutter doors. Lighting, electrics and heating can also be installed.

Whilst many customers choose to use these containers for shipping and general storage, they can be used for so much more than that. Pop-up shops, bars, restaurants, offices, studios and electrical intake/switch rooms are just some of the things that these containers have been converted to.

Our 30 foot containers are robust, versatile and cost-effective, making them suitable for a range of applications and conversions. They're also very portable, and can be easily linked to larger units in a range of sizes.

Common modifications include: roller shutter doors, bespoke doors and windows, and the addition of heating, lighting and electrics.

What's included?

Available in standard, high cube, and tunnel. All models are wind and water tight, and come fitted with multiple air vents, a plywood floor, and multiple lashing points.

New and used units available. All new containers come fitted with a lock box as standard; the lock box is optional for used units.

 You can also purchase a sliding shackle padlock for extra security.


These units are suitable for a broad range of industries, including construction, agriculture, self- storage, firework shops, supermarkets, retail, leisure and sports clubs, chemical suppliers, and energy companies.

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External Dimensions

  Length Width Height Weight
30ft Standard 30ft
8ft 6ins

Internal Dimensions

Length 29ft 5ins
Width 7ft 8ins
Standard Height 7ft 10ins
End Door Aperture Width 7ft 6ins
Standard End Door Aperture Height 7ft 5ins
Floor Area 227sq ft
Standard Cubic Capacity 1760cu ft
Weight 3200kg

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