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  • 27mm Marine Plywood Floor

  • Lock Box Optional

  • Wind And Watertight

  • Multiple Lashing Points

  • Multiple Air Vents

The largest container in our range, we can supply 45ft shipping containers for sale across the UK.
Available in used condition only, the 45ft high cube shipping containers we stock are spacious in size, as they provide an extra foot of height and are four inches wider than a standard container.
These pallet-wide containers are the perfect option for the safe storage, transportation, and international shipping of large cargo.

45 Foot Shipping Container Features

Our structurally sound stock of used 45ft shipping containers is guaranteed wind and watertight, with plywood floors and multiple air vents and lashing points. As the 45ft shipping containers we supply are second-hand and vary in appearance and condition, we offer a repainting service if a fresh lick of paint is required. A lockbox can be installed onto our used containers for an additional charge prior to delivery if this is desired by the customer as a security measure.

The dimensions of a 45ft pallet-wide shipping container are approximately:
External: 45ft (13,710mm) long, 8ft 2ins (2,500mm) wide and 9ft 6ins (2,890) high
Internal: 44ft 5ins (13,556mm) long, 8ft (2,430mm) wide and 8ft 10ins (2,692mm) high
Dimensions can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Commonly used for transporting goods, 45ft shipping containers can hold up to 33 Euro pallets and 26 Standard Pallets.

45 Foot Shipping Container Uses

45ft shipping containers can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Transporting cargo internationally by sea, land, or rail. They are mostly used for shipping a wide range of goods, including consumer products, machinery, and oversized items, around the world.
  • Temporary or permanent storage solutions for businesses or individuals
  • Being modified into various structures for bespoke business needs such as offices or workshops

If a 45ft unit is too big for the space you have available, we also offer multiple types of smaller containers in sizes 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft.

When comparing 45ft and 40ft shipping containers, we have a wider variety of new and used 40ft units available with additional access points such as tunnels, side openers and tri doors.

45 Foot Shipping Container Prices

The cost of a 45ft pallet-wide container can differ across the country as prices can vary depending on location. We have 19 depots all over the UK so that we can support our customers nationwide. Please enquire to receive a quote for delivery in your area.

External Dimensions

  Length Width Height Weight
45ft High Cube 45ft
8ft 2ins
9ft 6ins

Internal Dimensions

  Length Width Height
45ft High Cube 44ft 5ins
8ft 10ins

Frequently Asked Questions

45ft shipping containers are available from us in used condition only with a high cube height of 9ft 6inches, however they are an uncommon size and not easy to find in the market. We hold a much greater stock of new and used 40ft shipping containers with specialist types available with various access points.

The external dimensions of a 45ft high cube shipping container are approximately 45ft (13,710mm) long, 8ft 2ins (2,500mm) wide and 9ft 6ins (2,890) high. The approximate internal dimensions are 44ft 5ins (13,556mm) long, 8ft (2,430mm) wide and 8ft 10ins (2,692mm) high. Dimensions can vary slightly depending on the specific design and manufacturer.

The tare weight (empty container weight) of a 45ft high cube shipping container is 4,500kg, and the maximum weight it can hold is 29,500kg.

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