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Flexible Flat Pack Offices

Available in a range of sizes, ExpandaKabin flat pack office systems are secure, durable and require no cranes or lifting equipment.

As they’re fully man portable, these flat pack offices can be used anywhere - ideal for when a site can’t be accessed by large vehicles.

Their galvanised steel construction is rust resistant and extremely secure. Double locks are standard on all ExpandaKabins. Specially designed die cast aluminium roof edges provide durability and strength and ensure that your office remains safe in transit between sites.

Ideal Garden Offices

Widely used by businesses, ExpandaKabins are great for domestic use too - these flat packs make ideal garden offices. Installation takes under an hour and requires just household tools. No specialist equipment is needed to set up our flat pack offices. 

The thick steel walls offer great security for your home office equipment, and are fully insulated too. The double-glazed window has recently been increased in size, so pleasant levels of natural light fill the office, without compromising on security. 

  • Key features of the ExpandaKabin flat pack office:
  • No crane or lifting equipment needed 
  • Quickly demounts into flat pack form
  • Fully flexible - available in several sizes 
  • Fully insulated, light & spacious
  • No specialist tools or fixings required for assembly
  • Ready for use in under an hour
  • Suitable for use wherever you can carry it 
  • Secure double locks
  • Thick, sturdy steel walls
  • Expandakabins can also be linked to create larger office areas

Interested in a flat pack office?

To find out more about our range of flat pack offices and how they could work in your commercial or domestic setting, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

External dimensions (excluding gutter)

  Length Width Height Weight
2m 7ft 4ins
7ft 9ins
7ft 8ins
3m 10ft 10ins
7ft 9ins
7ft 8ins
4m 14ft 4ins
7ft 9ins
7ft 8ins

Providing extra office space…when and where you need it…

Expandacom is the market leading flat packed office building and is the ideal solution for getting offices in previously inaccessible areas. Ideal for a wide range of uses, each unit is man portable, easy to erect and disassemble meaning they can used wherever you work and need office space.

  • Man-portable: No lifting gear or cranes required
  • Demountable: Dismantles into flat pack form quickly
  • Extendable: Additional units can be added either side by side or back to back
  • Complete: Everything required for assembly is in the kit. No additional fixings needed
  • Secure: Double locking system is standard
  • Simple: No specialist tools are required for assembly, just a socket set
  • Quick: Ready to use in less than an hour

The design and construction of Expandacom offers complete flexibility as each unit is robust and fully insulated yet light enough to be manhandled onto site. In fact, as the only totally man-portable 20ft office building on the market, they are completely unique and provide a comprehensive range of office space solutions for many industries and users.

This includes:

  • Building sites with limited access
  • Office space below ground level
  • Offices in retail parks
  • Schools that require temporary office space
  • Local authorities
  • Outdoor attractions
  • Showgrounds and event organisers

  Length Width Height Weight
With Gutter 20ft 4ins

7ft 7ins

7ft 8ins


Without Gutter 20ft 4ins

7ft 10ins

7ft 8ins


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