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  • Lock Box Included

  • 27mm Marine Plywood Floor

  • Blue / Green Available

  • Wind And Watertight

  • Multiple Lashing Points

  • Multiple Air Vents

8ft Container Description

If you don’t have much room to play with, 8ft shipping storage containers might be the most sensible and practical solution.

Due to their compact size, 8ft containers tend to be used for storing tools, small equipment, and other not-so-bulky items. They can even be converted into offices and spaces that don’t need vast amounts of room, such as ticket booths, transportable kiosks, and so on.

All our new 8ft shipping containers for sale are made to the highest quality. As well as being wind and watertight, they come with a plywood floor, multiple vents, and several lashing points.

Why Should I Get an 8ft Container?

One of the most noticeable benefits of 8ft shipping containers is that they are very easy to transport, meaning you can relocate them from one place to another without much hassle. 

For example, if you own a hospitality business that’s constantly on the move, 8ft shipping containers give you the chance be flexible and serve customers from all over the country.

They are also of the right size if you need to find a dedicated space to store machinery, equipment or other items required on-site for short- or long-term projects. 

If you are planning to use an 8ft container for the domestic side of things, it can act as a garden shed or a smaller version of a traditional garage. If necessary, it can be used to securely store a motorbike, too.

8ft containers are also sturdy, secure, versatile, and customisable. This way, you will have no problem making them look the part – no matter what you need them for.

8ft Shipping Container Features

Like most of our small containers, 8ft shipping cargo options come with the following features:

  • Double doors at one end
  • Constructed from high-quality Corten steel
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight
  • Multiple air vents
  • Plywood floor
  • Multiple lashing points
  • Lockbox as standard in all new models

8ft Container Applications

The beauty of 8ft shipping containers is that they can be reinvented to suit a wide range of needs without eating up your precious space. This is particularly useful if you need to add a container to a small site.

Regardless of the industry you operate in, 8ft cargo containers are suitable for a broad range of sectors, from agriculture and construction to self-storage and supermarkets. They can be used, for instance, for chemical storage, welfare or washroom units, and even archive storage.

8ft containers are also incredibly easy to convert, allowing you to transform them into street food stalls or small shops. 

We are always on hand to install bespoke doors, windows, and roller shutter doors, helping you recreate the space you had in mind.

How Much Does an 8ft Container Cost?

To find out more about the price of our 8ft shipping containers, fill out this 30-second form and we’ll get back to you with a quote in no time. No matter where you are located, we deliver containers all over the UK.

External Dimensions

Length Width Height Net Weight
8FT 8ft
7ft 2ins
7ft 5ins

Internal Dimensions

  Length Width Height Net Weight
8FT 7ft 6ins
6ft 11ins
6ft 9ins

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