This exciting collaboration brought together the expertise of Cleveland Containers in container modifications and the passion of Middlesbrough Football Club in providing an enjoyable pre-match experience for their loyal fans.

Designed with two tiers, the base of the fan zone features a 40ft high cube container with two roller shutter windows that act as a serving area.

Middlesbrough Football Club Fan Zone Front

A secure staircase was installed at the side of the unit leading up to a platform surrounded by railings and glass panelling to keep everybody safe. The elevated space enables supporters to enjoy the sights and sounds of the matchday buzz from a prime vantage point. 

This platform area also features a 10ft high cube unit, which was cut down from a 20ft high cube container, that fans can enter through glazed French doors.

External personnel doors were added to the rear of the 40ft container for access for staff members to enter and exit. A partition wall was even added to create a separate, well ventilated, cellar space for the storage of additional drinks.

Middlesbrough Football Club Fan Zone Back

Sponsored by the renowned brand Heineken, the fan zone opens its doors well in advance of the matches to create an immersive experience for supporters. There is plenty of seating in front of the bar area where fans can unwind and immerse themselves in a relaxed atmosphere.

Live music performances further enhance the vibrant ambiance, adding an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to the fan zone.

The collaboration between Cleveland Containers and Middlesbrough Football Club was embraced with enthusiasm and dedication, resulting in a fan zone that seamlessly blends functionality, aesthetics, and the spirit of football. 

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