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6ft Shipping Containers

Our 6ft shipping containers may be the smallest of our offerings, but they’re also the most cost-effective. Their compact size makes them popular for storing general equipment, tools and archiving.

Key Features


Lock box included

Multiple air vents

Wind and water tight

27 mm marine plywood floor

Multiple lashing points

Blue/Green available

Our 6ft shipping containers offer easy mobility and are a great option when it comes to needing a small, secure storage space. If you’re working with limited space and budgets, this range could be your answer.

These cargo-worthy models are available in a wide range of colours, conditions and prices. We offer this variation because we know that budgets can be diverse, and no two sales are the same.

Just like all of our models, they are wind and watertight, and come fitted with multiple air vents, plywood flooring and multiple lashing points. Our new shipping containers also feature a lock box as standard.

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External Dimensions

  Length Width Height Weight
6ft 1,680mm




Internal Dimensions

  Length Width Height Weight
6ft 1,829mm




6ft Shipping Container Drawing

(PDF, 229 KB)


6ft Shipping Container Applications

Our 6ft models are perfect for smaller spaces and particularly useful for secure site storage (such as tools and equipment) or archiving. Custom options are available, so simply get in touch with us if you have any ideas, and we’ll see what we can do! We are committed to supplying our customers with the best quality products as quickly as possible and for the best prices nationwide.

What's included?

Available in standard format. All shipping containers are wind and water tight, and come fitted with multiple air vents, a plywood floor, and multiple lashing points.

New and used models available. All new products come fitted with a lock box as standard; the lock box is optional for used models. You can also purchase a sliding shackle padlock for extra security.


6ft shipping containers are suitable for a broad range of industries, including construction, agriculture, self- storage, firework shops, supermarkets, retail, leisure and sports clubs, chemical suppliers, and energy companies.


20ft New Shipping Containers £9.95

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