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Office Containers

Both our new and used containers are perfect for application as semi-permanent or portable container offices. Whether purpose-built or modified, a shipping container office for sale or for hire offers a secure, weather-tight and flexible container office environment.

Office containers provide a modular, flexible solution for office storage needs as they can be added to and subtracted from as your needs swell or shrink, stacking more office containers or removing some.

Whether you are a commercial business that needs a field headquarters, a site office or welfare units, whether you need car hire offices or whether you’re a school which needs temporary office storage containers as classrooms, the uses for shipping container office applications are various. Durable and modifiable, container offices are perfect, mobile, flexible units as non-permanent office structures.

The cheapest way to transform a used, retired shipping container into a mobile, temporary office is to find a container office for sale and purchase it. You may not get the exact outcome you desire this way though, so why not come to a professional manufacturer such as ourselves at Cleveland Containers to undertake all modifications for you.

Our containers can be modified for all your office needs; we can add windows, doors, electrics, heating, kitchens and changing facilities to your container office environment as you see fit.

If you’re interested in a shipping container office for sale or for hire, get in touch with Cleveland Containers today on 0330 005 5111 or for further information on our great range of purpose built and modifiable shipping containers and get details on delivery options and prices to see how we can help.

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