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The doors on my container are really stiff.

  • Have you made sure the container is dead level?
  • The most common reason for container doors being stiff is that the container isn't placed on level ground. This will result in the back end of the container twisting or dropping. If the container has dropped, look at the black seal on the door, if this seal isn't aligned then the container isn't level.

    The doors on my container are really stiff
  • Have you tried spraying some WD40 on the hinges?
  • Some containers may have water damage or due to the age of used containers the doors may need assistance from WD40 to open them.

The lockbox is missing from my container.

  • Did you order a used container with a lock box?
  • All of our new containers come with a lockbox. Lockboxes are a metal shroud, welded to the cargo doors protecting the padlock. When fitted with a lockbox, it prevents forced entry through cutting the padlock on the container. Shipping containers fitted with a lockbox would require a high security padlock to lock the container. Cleveland Containers sell the Squire Stronghold container padlock, that are CEN 4 rated (high security) keeping your container and contents protected.

    The lockbox is missing from my container

Where is my padlock?

  • Did you order a padlock with your container?
  • Securing your container (padlocks)

    With our used containers, they are available to have a lockbox supplied on delivery, for a seperate charge. If a shipping container does not have a lockbox fitted and a standard padlock is used, this may not be totally secure. An exposed standard padlock can be cut and is also exposed to weathering so could weaken the lock.

Why won't my padlock fit under my lockbox?

  • Are you using a high security container padlock?
  • High security container padlocks are designed to fit under a lockbox. The padlocks we sell feature a 12mm diameter steel shackle with a 6 pin locking mechanism. This construction means the padlock will fit under the the lockbox cover but over the pin hole, and keyable the locking mechanism fits through the hole and into the shackle.

    A standard padlock's construction is built to be threaded through a lock hole. The curved shackle will not be able to fit under the tight lockbox cover. Therefore to be able to use the lockbox a high security padlock must be used.

    Why won't my padlock fit under my lockbox

I couldn't get my container delivered to my desired site.

  • Did you tell your sales manager or transport department that there were any site access disputes?
  • Delivery preperation

    Shipping containers need to be sited on hard-standing level ground, so it's vital that you support the container under each corner to avoid it from sinking into the ground over the duration of it's stay on site. To create a lveel ground, railway sleepers or flagstones can be used under the container, but it's imperitive that they create a level ground for the container doors to open properly.

    Making sure your site and container are accessible is imperitive. Your site must be able to accommodate the size of the container plus an additional 5ft to allow the doors to open.

    At delivery site access will need to be clear, to deliver our containers we use an articulated lorry, a wagon and drag, or a single rigid lorry. To ensure delivery we ask our customers to make sure site access is clear.

    Container being delivered over a fence

I'm not happy with the condition of my container.

  • Did you order a one trip or used container?
  • New container condition example

    One Trip Shipping Containers

    Our new shipping containers are all one trip containers, which means the container has been used for one journey from the factory it was built in to the UK. To keep the cost of moving the container to the UK to a minimum, the container will be fully loaded for the journey and then emptied once arriving at a UK port.

    You may find:

    • Minor scrapes or scratches externally and/or internally
    • Minor denting externally and/or internally
    • Minor scuff marks on the floor, walls and/or ceiling internally

    These minor issues fall within our acceptable tolerances of quality for a one trip shipping container, as these containers have spent 6 weeks on a ship and will have been picked up, moved around depots and stacked several times before being delivered to you.

    Used container condition example

    Used Shipping Containers

    Our used shipping containers are typically anywhere from 10 to 15 years old and will have spent their lifetime being shipped internationally. These containers are still structurally sound and wind and watertight, however, due to their age and previous use these containers will show signs of wear and tear.

    You may find:

    • Moderate scrapes or scratches externally
    • Surface rust and/or repair patches externally and/or internally
    • Moderate scuff marks on the floor or walls internally
    • Stiffer door bars

    Please note that used containers may differ in colour, so if a specific colour is required we would recommend requesting a respray or to purchase a new shipping container. Used containers are also sold on a 'Next Off Stack' basis. If you need the container to look aesthetically good, we strongly advise you purchase a one trip shipping container.

  • Is the container wind & water tight?
  • Can you open and close the doors?
  • Are there any holes in the container that are letting day light through?

I'm not happy with when my container was delivered.

  • Was your container delivered late or on the wrong date?
  • For our standard containers, delivery is generally 5-7 working days from payment. If any modifications are to be added to the container this will extend the delivery wait.

    It is useful to have someone onsite during delivering, responsible for assisiting the driver in case of restrictive access or any further issues that may arise at the time.

    Our stock is held across 15 depots nationwide. If you are requiring a shipping container for international shipping we can only supply the container. Our drivers are able to deliver to specified docks, or have them dropped for loading but we cannot organise the shipping of containers.

    Shipping container being picked up from depot

There is a hole in my container.

  • Did you order a used container?
  • Our containers are inspected on dispatch, they are all weatherproof with no holes. Therefore if you find a hole or major damage please report it to us immediately.

The wrong size or type of container has been delivered.