It’s the number one question we are always asked about - how do I tackle planning permission for a self storage site?

We were very fortunate to be joined by Emily Temple, Founding Director of ET Planning, to go through this hot topic in more detail for episode 11 - Planning for Success: Top Tips to Secure Self Storage Planning Permission.

With plenty of experience in this field, ET Planning can help land owners and businesses navigate the complex planning system, providing services such as planning advice, applications, appeals, and site appraisals. We are delighted to welcome them as a BOX+ supplier and have already seen some of our BOX+ customers use their services and expertise to help them launch.

In this extremely useful and educational recording, Emily and Lewis Pennicott covered so many questions around planning, including when it is and isn’t required for container storage, common issues or restrictions that arise, and the main areas to consider to ensure a smooth application process.

Emily also discussed farm diversification at length, and the government’s ‘biodiversity net gain’ initiative which is a mandatory requirement for many applications. Check out the episode to learn more.

Other talking points include:

  • Double stacking units
  • Advertisements and signage
  • Traffic and road access requirements
  • How long the application process takes
  • Site expansion and the possibility for reapproval
  • Restrictions in greenbelt areas

Here are the links to view or listen to episode 11 on the following platforms:





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