Cleveland Containers is set to host an exclusive webinar in partnership with Farmers Weekly, taking place on Thursday 21st March at 17.00 - 18:15.

"Create dependable, recurring income by turning spare land into a hassle-free self storage business" promises insights into transforming unused land into a thriving self storage venture.

The webinar aims to equip farmers with strategies to maximise their land's potential by establishing a hands-free self storage business model. By delving into the intricacies of running a self storage facility, viewers can learn how to mitigate risks and secure dependable recurring revenue streams.

We're excited to offer farmers a pathway to diversify their income streams through self storage ventures. The team at Cleveland Containers have supported many businesses and individuals who have entered the container self storage market and helped them grow over the years.

Many of these customers have been those in the farming industry who needed to diversify to increase their income, so we have valuable knowledge and insights to share with those who wish to embark on a similar journey.

Lewis Pennicott, Marketing Director at Cleveland

With over eight years of experience at Cleveland Containers, the webinar will be hosted by Marketing Director Lewis Pennicott.

Lewis played a pivotal role in developing the company's own self storage business and has advised numerous self storage operators on how to propel their growth trajectories with improved marketing and business support. He was also instrumental in developing BOX+, our support service tailored for self storage operators which connects them with industry suppliers and aids growth through exclusive offers and guidance.

Cleveland Containers and Stora host Farmers Weekly Webinar

Joining Lewis is Gavin Shields, CEO of website and CRM tool Stora and Owner of StoreStuff. Renowned for his expertise in self storage automation, Gavin founded Stora, a software provider offering an all-in-one solution for website and site management. His self storage venture, StoreStuff, operates two remotely-managed sites, eliminating the need for direct customer interactions through smart access integration.

Learn how to diversify farmland into self storage

Through an engaging presentation, Lewis and Gavin will cover various topics essential for farmers venturing into self storage, including:

  • Navigating planning permissions
  • Shipping container options that provide the best return on investment
  • Enhancing site security measures
  • Implementing time-saving tools for administrative tasks
  • Marketing techniques to boost occupancy rates

The webinar will be a valuable event for farmers seeking to unlock the full potential of their land assets.

Interested participants can register here for the free event.

Register for the Farmers Weekly webinar

Learn how to diversify your spare land into a self storage business

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