The team at Cleveland have been working closely with suppliers, insurance companies and industry bodies to create a fleet of site accommodation units that we believe are a gold standard within JCoP (Joint Code of Practice) fire regulations, which is unique to the industry.

We’ve ensured that our Cleveland Modular range and Cleveland Hire fleet of anti-vandal units do not compromise when it comes to fire safety legislation and fully comply with JCoP 10.1 Clause 13.6.

Surpassing 30 minutes of fire testing, the ceilings, floors, and uniquely upgraded walls of our units meet all REI requirements, giving our customers 100% site insurance peace of mind

We work within the parameters of Clause 13.6, which applies to temporary accommodation double stacked, outside the 6m zone of a building under construction.

Cleveland Gold Standard JCoP Units

Our fleet is not only compliant with JCoP 10.1, but is also EPC “B” rated, offering outstanding energy efficiency and eco-friendly features, which saves hundreds of pounds per year in running costs, compared to a standard specification.

Investing in the quality of the hire fleet, our units feature upgraded ceilings and wallboards and enhanced insulation in the walls and floors, enabling us to supply products with Cleveland's Gold Standard seal of approval.

JCoP Gold Standard Unit Interior

We're working closely with the manufacturers and authorities to make sure that we're up to speed with any changes or potential future changes regarding fire safety.

It’s incredibly important in terms of the investment that we've made to futureproof our fleet and safeguard our customers. By offering a gold standard product, our customers can rest assured that our units are fully insurance compliant, and they are provided with high quality, eco-spec working environments.

Andrew Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at Cleveland

In 2023, we also joined the Fire Protection Association (FPA). As members of the FPA we are cooperating with the team there to prepare for any future developments that help to mitigate any risk of fire on our customer’s sites.

From 1st January 2025 all new temporary stacked buildings must be manufactured to meet the requirements of JCoP 10.1. As the deadline is fast approaching, we are actively communicating with our suppliers and customers to make sure that they're going into that date as prepared as they can be.

Our partnership with the FPA and commitment to fire safety strengthens our status as a leading provider of energy-efficient and insurance compliant site accommodation. 

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Cleveland Ensures Full JCoP 10.1 Compliancy

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