It may seem obvious, but have you checked that there is enough room to site your container where you want it? You’ll need to make a provision not only for the container size, but for an additional 5ft of clearance to allow the doors to be opened.

As we have a variety of vehicles of different sizes with which we can deliver your container, from a small rigid wagon to a fully articulated lorry, access to the delivery site is the next obstacle to overcome. You will need to ensure that there is enough room for the vehicle to pull up alongside the site where you are looking to place your container.

As shown on the right, there are two main different types of vehicles that we utilise. The table illustrates the container combinations these vehicles can carry.

How to prepare for delivery

Prepare for what? Well, as you can see above, we are dealing with some large pieces of specialised equipment, and these can weigh a lot. Containers are always best sited on hard standing level ground, so it’s vital that you support the container under each corner to avoid it from sinking into the ground over the duration of its stay with you onsite. Railway sleepers or flagstones are what most people tend to use to counter this problem, but you’ll need to make sure these are level to enable the doors to properly open.

How long will delivery take?

This is all subject to your unique order. If you order a basic container with no modifications, we can generally get the delivery with you within only a few days of you having placed your order. If you have ordered a modified container (with double doors, or an open top, for example), it may take us longer to arrange your delivery. Similarly, if you are looking for extra work to be done on your container (for example painting and insulating), the lead time will increase depending on the type of work you are looking to have done.

Once we have the delivery underway, you can expect your container to arrive, be dropped off and set in place and us to have left within half an hour. It is useful to have someone onsite during this time, responsible for assisting the delivery driver in the case of tight or restrictive access, or issues that may arise at any time. Any delays to this half hour window are chargeable, so the better you can assist your driver, the less time and money expenditure.

Delivery Locations and Shipping

We have stock across various depots around the UK. Understandably, some customers are looking to use their shipping containers for shipping abroad, and although we provide shipping containers, we cannot arrange the shipping itself. We can however deliver containers direct to the docks specified, or have the containers dropped for loading, and look to organise final delivery to the docks if necessary. 

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