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Concept Business Centre

Concept Business Centre

We recently visited Concept Business Centre in York who, as well as rent office space, offer self-storage in shipping containers, in an indoor space.


Peter, Owner of Concept Business Centre, started the business in July 2019.

Since starting the business after noticing a gap in the market, the Concept Business Centre has not had an empty storage space, which has prompted the purchase of their most recent shipping containers.

“Fantastic company as a whole – a big company that still has family values and makes you feel cared for. The delivery guys were great too!”

Peter, Owner of Concept Business Centre

Their set up consists of 18 large shipping containers on ground level and stacked above those are 14 flat pack containers. The benefits of the smaller flat packs are that they are simple, quick to put together and secure. They are designed specifically so that they are easy to assemble, and made from durable, reinforced steel. A number of sizes can be purchased: 2x2m, 3x2m, 4x2m, 5x2m and 6x2m.

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