Following several years as an indoor self storage site, Ladybird Self Storage wanted to explore adding external shipping container storage at their site.

External Container Storage at Ladybird Self Storage

Owner Jim Brown got in touch with Cleveland Containers, and our National Account Manager David Povey explained how our BOX+ service was a perfect solution for them. 

The firm was keen to expand its current location and allow customers to access their storage 24/7. By adding shipping containers, extra security and lighting they were able to achieve this. 

After initial calls with David, they placed their first order of 15 20ft One Trip Standard Shipping Containers

Ladybird Self Storage Container Storage

We have been very successful in renting out the containers. Our first customer saw the containers arrive, and he enquired there and then. Before the rest of the units were delivered he already moved in! Phase one is already 75% full; we're excited to get started on phase two in the upcoming weeks.

Jim Brown, Owner of Ladybird Self Storage 

To follow their strong branding each unit was painted red, with unmistakable black spots across them.  

Red spotted containers at Ladybird Self Storage

As a BOX+ customer, Ladybird Self Storage has access to our hand picked industry leading specialists that provide everything from finance, security and marketing to exclusive discounted prices. 

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