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Modular Office

Modular Office

In 2016 we required new office space for our expanding workforce. After contemplating various ideas, we decided to build our offices from our own containers.


Our complex was built exclusively from six of our 40ft high cube shipping containers and took 2 months to build. The office contained two floors and stood at 80ft by 24ft using three containers for each floor.

When looking for more office space it was a no brainer to use our own shipping containers. Our modifications team worked hard to design our bespoke office space, transforming six robust steel boxes into a modern open plan workspace.

Johnathan, Managing Director of Cleveland Container

To create the unique workspace, our design team created detailed CAD and technical drawings. Using these, our skilled fabricators removed the doors and sides and insulated the containers, installed new doors, heating, air conditioning units and full glass panels. In the middle of the complex, we added a custom-built wooden staircase.

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