Tim explained he needed a solution for lack of storage on his current site for scaffolding and other hire equipment.

After chatting with our knowledgeable sales team, they chose to purchase a 40ft used container with added modifications such as a roller shutter door on the side of the container, to ensure ease of access.

Container Delivery

They plan to paint their existing container, and the 40ft used container, supplied by us, with their company colours and to put a sign on the side of the stacked container which will be seen by passers-by.

We met at the Yarmouth Show, got a quote and placed our order. Absolutely fantastic and delivery was great!

Tim, Managing Director of Elvington Plant Hire

Container with Roller Shutter Door

Ever wondered what you might receive when purchasing a used shipping container? Well if you’ve read our blog on the difference between new & used shipping containers, you will know that though our used shipping containers aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, they are still wind and watertight and can be modified to meet your expectations.

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