Our conversions manager, Eddie, worked with the customer and suggested that a bespoke 20ft workshop container would be the best solution. The unit was fitted with ply-wood lining, insulation, electrics and a convection heater; a personnel door was also added for ease of access.

Workshop out of a shipping container

The modification that makes this container a unique workshop is the internal shelving and workbench which were built to the customer’s specification and fitted their requirements exactly.

This would ensure that the students could work in a safe and secure environment, meaning all students have an equal opportunity to learn and interact with one another safely.

Inside the workshop shipping container

Due to government restrictions, we have experienced an increase in enquiries for alternate workspaces to ensure safe working environments. This workshop was a straightforward conversion for the team, with minimal modifications made to the structure of the 20ft container. These modifications are the perfect solution for workplaces in need of extra space quickly.

Eddie Rees, Conversions Manager at Cleveland Containers

20ft shipping containers are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of modifications including external workshops, container offices and canteens. If you are looking for solutions to bring your staff together in a Covid safe workspace, our experienced team is on hand to deal with your enquiries.

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