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How to Stop Condensation in a Shipping Container?

The summer months have disappeared and with this in mind, it is time to discuss how condensation can affect your container.

As the cold and wet weather approaches your container can be affected in various ways, as cold weather is one of the main causes of moisture!

To prevent condensation from occurring in your container you will need good ventilation and your container will need to be dehumidified. Please see just some of our suggestions below:

Moisture Traps

One of the quickest ways of dealing with condensation is moisture traps. Moisture traps can help as they contain internal crystals, and these absorb water droplets, these last around 6-8 weeks and are very easy to use.

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Grafo-Therm Spray

Grafo-Therm is a foam spray, it can be sprayed onto the roof of your container and it acts almost like a sponge. It will soak up any humidity in the container and prevents it from dripping onto your stored items. It is a non-toxic, fire proof spray which is safe to use.

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A dehumidifier can really help as this will collect the moisture from the container and the moisture is then purified and collected in a bucket. You will need to empty the bucket regularly to prevent re-circulation of moisture.

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Container Lining

Another effective way of preventing condensation is to line your container with 50mm of polystyrene and then finish it with melamine. Although lining your container is an effective way of reducing condensation, you may still need to get a dehumidifier in order to balance out the temperature in the container.

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Please also consider what you will be storing in the container as this may also have some effect.


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