In today's fast-paced world, flexibility and efficiency in storage solutions are important. 

For this project, we converted a 20ft High Cube Side Opening Container, into a modified unit as per the request of the customer, with an added extra of a retractable canopy. This versatile design meets a wide range of storage and workspace requirements.

20ft Side Opening Container with Canopy, Open Door

A unique feature of this conversion, this unit was built with a retractable 6m canopy. Built for giving team briefings and toolbox talks, this design was built perfectly for quick and easy setups. 

20ft Side Opening Container with Canopy

The interior walls and ceiling were melamine-lined. Also, the standard flooring was upgraded to non-slip vinyl flooring upon the customer’s request. 

The modifications team also installed lighting and electrical systems such as sockets inside the container. 

Overall, this impressive modification was tailored to meet the customer's needs, featuring an enhanced interior and a retractable canopy.

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