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40ft Roller Shutter Modification

40ft Roller Shutter Modification

People buy shipping containers for various reasons, ranging from secure storage, to creating bars and restaurants. Occasionally, it is recommended to carry out modifications to a standard container to fulfil its potential for both the client and the container, and this bespoke project was no exception!


Cleveland Containers Modified Shipping Container

The customer approached us requiring a bespoke build and our modifications manager Eddie decided the best solution for their requirements would be to convert a new (one trip) 40ft high cube container to accommodate their needs.

The 40ft container was then modified to include a manual roller shutter, this was so the container could be left securely overnight once drawn down. A UPVC door was then fitted directly behind the roller shutter, this allowed the customers to directly access the inside of the container and have full visibility of people approaching their unit.

Cleveland Containers Modified Shipping Container

The inside of the container was then re-vamped with lighting, electric sockets, and a timber partition wall was even fitted to create a separate storage area away from the rest of the unit. The outside paint was then rejuvenated and resprayed in black to the customers request.

Cleveland Containers Modified Shipping Container

This bespoke project is a great example of the scope of modifications we can create using containers. Security was one of the main priorities for this client, and even by converting units, we are able to fit amenities such as roller shutters to heighten secure storage’


New 40ft containers are extremely beneficial for modifications as they have had little prior use and minimum damage. They are great to create bespoke offices, canteens, restaurants, or even container bars! Get in touch with our sales team today to discuss how we can bring your container ideas to life!

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