Cory Group is a recycling and waste management organisation based mainly in London. Using safe, clean, and sustainable practices, the company takes recyclable and non-recyclable waste from homes and businesses and turns it into energy and construction materials.

Cory Group required a large workshop in Essex to support its skip repair function.

Cory Group, Zappshelter and Cleveland Containers

With undercover protection imperative to shield its workers and equipment, the team reached out to Zappshelter, who provide bespoke solutions for temporary and permanent covered areas to protect from wind, rain, and snow.

For the final setup, a custom designed and engineered 17m wide and 15m long Zappshelter was mounted onto double-stacked shipping containers placed either side.

Zappshelter suggested that we contact Cleveland Containers to be our supplier as both companies work closely together, and containers are a great base for the shelters.

There were specific requirements from our operational team for the modifications we required on the units, which have been achieved. We built a very good relationship with Cleveland based on clear communication which was key to the project. 

Luis Velasco, Design Manager at Cory Group

Cory Group workshop featuring Zappshelter

For this epic project, our shipping container conversions team supplied the following:

  • Two 40ft Standard Containers with one full side removed and top and bottom rails reinforced with a central post. A personnel door with push bar was installed on the opposing wall.
  • Two 40ft Standard Containers with personnel doors
  • Two 10ft Standard Containers, one of which featured a personnel door
  • Two sets of stairs with a landing to service the personnel doors on each side of the Zappshelter
Cleveland Containers modifications with a Zappshelter

The undercover area creates a safe space to work while the team at Cory Group are repairing and refurbishing skips. Providing a covered working area for the team to work in not only increases morale but improves the efficiency of the production process on site. The containers create secure storage units with a stair system on the outside for ease of access to the top-level units.

Calvin Michel, Head of Creative at Zappshelter

The collaboration between Cleveland Containers, ZappShelter and Cory Group concluded with an impressive and functional set-up that facilitates productive working and storage efficiency, no matter the weather.

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