Nagels UK is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tickets in the parking and transport sector.

The warehouse and distribution team required a storage solution to hold thermal roll stock and other packaging for the business, in an environment which would not compromise the materials. After exploring different options, they decided to use a modified shipping container for their storage requirements.

For this project, Grafo-therm was added to the roof of a 20ft One Trip Container to assist with the temperature sensitive storage needs.

Grafo-therm is a treatment used to maintain stable temperatures and reduce the risk of condensation. This provides a safer environment to store goods made from materials which could be easily perishable.

Overall we provided Nagels UK with a treated container to meet their specific needs.

Cleveland Containers provided a detailed description of both the container and service we required. The price of both the product and service was also a bonus. The process from receiving a quotation and ordering was simple and easy, which Andrew definitely made easier with his professional advice. If we ever need another container, I know who to contact!

Carl Jackson, Warehouse & Distribution at Nagels UK

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