In episode 7, Innovating Security: Award-Winning Solutions for Self Storage Sites, we were delighted to welcome Ant Hebblethwaite from Doncaster Security Operations Centre (DSOC)

DSOC specialise in remote site monitoring, and currently look after more than 800 sites nationally across various industries. Approximately 350 of those sites belong to 40 self storage operators, including Big Yellow, so the team is highly experienced in preventing crime within this sector.

As an SSA UK supplier member and the winner of multiple innovation awards, DSOC are leading the way when it comes to storage site monitoring, even utilising AI and video analytics to save time and improve services. On this episode, Ant covered the quick and effective methods to best secure an outdoor container site, and how container storage security differs from indoor storage, retail, and construction sites.

Other talking points include:

  • The biggest tool for preventing crime on container sites
  • Working with CCTV installers
  • How the team responds to alerts
  • The range of services DSOC provide
  • Crime trends over the years

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