We invited Gavin Shields, Founder of Stora and Owner of StoreStuff, back to the Chatterbox sofa for episode 9 - Stora Spotlight: The Power of Self Storage Automation.

Stora is a remote management tool that provides self storage operators with an instant website that takes customer bookings and payments online, automates invoicing, and manages the site’s facilities. It can even report on site occupancy, and integrate with smart access systems for customers to enter the facility as and when they please without the need for someone to be onsite.

The onboarding team at Stora can help existing operators transition from manual spreadsheets and time-consuming admin tasks to automated processes so seamlessly that customers won’t even realise that you have changed systems.

The team behind Stora is currently working on a range of features to improve the experience for both operators and customers, allowing businesses to increase revenue and fill units at a quicker rate.

In this episode, Gavin discusses Stora in more detail, highlighting the benefits of using the system, including how the platform can transform businesses by freeing up valuable time that can be spent completing other crucial tasks.

Other talking points include:

  • How to increase revenue with product segmentation
  • Errors made by operators when launching
  • Signs that you could trial price increases
  • How to optimise your website so it ranks organically
  • The benefits of also selling insurance
  • Using data to spot changes in demand

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