Cleveland Shortlisted at the Women in Construction Awards

Cleveland has been shortlisted in two categories at this year’s Women in Construction Awards, organised by Design and Build UK.

We are delighted to be named as finalists for ‘Inclusive Company’, an important category that displays what companies as a whole do for women in construction and inclusivity in general.

Our most significant achievement in this area has been successfully addressing the gender imbalance within our workforce in a remarkably short period. In July 2022, the male-to-female ratio stood at 61% to 39%. However, by June 2023, we were able to narrow the gap significantly, achieving a more balanced ratio of 50.5% male and 49.5% female. This reduction from a 22% gap to just 1% within one year highlights our commitment to creating a more inclusive and gender-diverse workplace.

Furthermore, we are proud to have made progress in promoting women to key leadership positions across multiple departments. By providing more opportunities for women to assume leadership positions, we have introduced a fresh perspective and diversity of thought to our decision-making processes. This variation in our leadership team has encouraged innovation, creativity, and a more inclusive work environment.

Hayley Hedley and Laura Moore from Cleveland

Head of Commercial, Hayley Hedley (left), and Laura Moore, Operations Director (right) have been appointed in the last year

Demonstrating our commitment to creating an inclusive culture and showcasing this through the award submission and application process has been rewarding in itself. Cleveland being shortlisted for two of the categories at these awards cements that we are doing the right things for our teams, and I personally hope we can inspire other businesses to engage with their wider teams to encourage that level playing field of opportunity.

Laura Moore, Operations Director at Cleveland

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Thompson, has also been named as a finalist for the ‘Male Ally’ award, a category solely for men who have gone above and beyond all expectations to support women in construction.

Andrew has been a strong advocate for supporting women in the construction industry throughout his career.

One of Andrew's notable achievements in promoting diversity at Cleveland was the strategic hiring of Suzanne Elliott as Head of Cleveland Modular, Hayley Hedley as Head of Commercial and Laura Moore as Operations Director. These appointments were instrumental in diversifying the team and bringing fresh perspectives to the company. In particular, Laura Moore's role as Operations Director showcases the commitment to empowering women to take on key operational responsibilities and contribute to the overall growth and success of the organisation. 

By providing improved benefits, supporting women's health needs by introducing a menopause initiative, enhancing parental pay, investing in career development, and promoting our people-centric approach, Andrew has helped create an environment where women feel valued, supported, and motivated to thrive.

Andrew Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at Cleveland has been shortlisted for 'Male Ally'

Andrew Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at Cleveland has been shortlisted for 'Male Ally'

I am absolutely delighted for the business and our leadership team to be recognised in our efforts of creating a highly effective diverse culture at Cleveland, which is at the very heart of our ambitious growth plans. We believe we are the first national company in our sector to benefit from a 50/50 male/female employee demographic, proudly showcasing our firm belief in, ‘the best person for the job’ approach. I truly hope we are ever closer to a world where this approach is the norm, as opposed to an initiative or a behaviour that we feel the need to celebrate.

Andrew Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at Cleveland

We look forward to the event, which takes place on Friday 22nd September at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London.

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