Rainton Construction is a well-established construction company based in the North East of England. Specialising in civil engineering and road surfacing, they also have extensive experience in delivering high-quality, sustainable construction projects.

For this partnership, Rainton Construction tasked us with modifying three 20ft One Trip Containers.

Two double sockets, LED strip lights and a light switch were all installed onto hard spot plates which were stitch welded to the unit. Hard spot plates are always used when installing electrics and lights as they prevent any compromises with the container being wind and water tight due to no direct drilling.

Stitch welding is often the desired method for attaching the hard spot plates as there is more heat control, reducing the risk of warping and distorting the container.

The container was sprayed yellow (RAL 1021) with the bottom section sprayed blue (RAL 5002). Rainton Construction already had skips with this design, so it was essential for these units to match and align with their company colours.

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