Ventus Energy is a renewable energy engineering company that works primarily on offshore windfarms across the world.

Its mission is to create a safer, more sustainable world through intelligent offshore windfarm operations, helping to protect the planet from the dangers of global warming.

They came to us as they required bespoke units to be used as offshore workshops on a cable installation vessel for an upcoming project.

Our modifications team took a 10ft and 20ft Shipping Container and fitted them both with built-in gas cannister cages and COSHH cabinets for the safe storage of hazardous materials.

Shelving, electrics, and lighting were installed as per the specification requirements of the customer, with louvre vents also being fitted for improved ventilation.

For the 20ft workshop, two workbenches and tool chests were added to create additional storage and working space.

A transformer was installed at the front of the larger workshop to safely transfer electric energy from one circuit to another by changing the voltage.

Both units were completed by applying large company decals to the exterior of the containers.

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