With todays house prices on the rise, and people looking for cheaper alternatives for housing, we have put together some of our favorite shipping container homes.

Container Home Interior

Can you believe this container home was built for less than £27,000? This was built by Joseph Dupuis who was inspired to build his own container home after his friends were buying £400,000 houses, and he felt the process behind buying a house was ‘backwards’ as most of his friends are now in 35 years’ worth of debt. We love how modern and homely this container looks yet still possesses elements of the original shipping container. Can you spot these elements?

Container Home

This container home is made from a 40ft High Cube Container which is 8’ wide and 9.5’ tall. This container home also has a roof deck with rails. You can purchase one of these containers for £50,000. The interior of the container has a very modern feel, using hardwood floors and reclaimed wood accent pieces, the inside looks like a modern-day home.

Container Lodge

This amazing treehouse has been built by architects in Jerusalem. They wanted to preserve the existing trees so they combined the trees within the perimeter of the house. They have covered the walls of the containers with timber cladding to suit its surroundings and we love the aesthetic of this tree house.

Container Home Interior

Using 31 shipping containers to create a two leveled home has worked extremely well for Todd Miller. Todd has created one of the largest shipping container homes in Australia. The whole upper level of this container home is a master bedroom! It has four bedrooms and a garage occupying space for two cars. There is also a reading room, gym, a study and even a saltwater pool!

Shipping Container Home Village

This is a student village containing 150 separate apartments. It took around seven months to build and a total of 36 shipping containers where used. Inside the apartments there is a functional kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a cosy living area. We think this is an amazing idea, it provides a lot of space for the students to live in whilst being cost effective.


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