With their versatile nature allowing for real creativity when it comes to design, it paves the way for all manner of innovative projects and concepts. Take a look at some of the most creative uses for shipping containers.

Summer house

Turning a shipping container into a summer house is a great way to utilise your garden, especially in the warmer months. A unique and stylish construction, it’s perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying time with family.

A key feature of many converted shipping containers is that they let in a lot of natural light, resulting in a very spacious feel - ideal for relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. How about opening it up to create a patio and outdoor seating, or even installing solar panels to help power the electrics?

Shipping Container Garden Room

Music studio

Converting a container into a studio for music recording and production is like a dream come true for musicians. No more paying steep rental fees for studio space, you can create the music you want to, whenever you want to. Spark 1 Studios have created their business around thier bespoke container studio.

They have potential for great acoustics and sound quality, as well as full soundproofing - so even if you’re not wishing to record professionally, you can simply play somewhere without disturbance.

A shipping container is completely portable, so if you want to record on the road or are moving house it’s not an issue, and it can be made secure - so you can be reassured that your equipment and instruments are safe.

Shipping Container Music Studio


With ever-busy work and life commitments, it can be tough to stick to a regular fitness regime. And with the rising cost of gym memberships, it’s easy to see why some people lose motivation when it comes to keeping fit.

A shipping container gym is the ideal solution for many. The convenience of being situated in a garden or annex means exercising can be much more time efficient; no travelling to and from the gym (and no queuing for machines) means more time to focus on your workout - and perhaps more motivation to go in the first place.

Able to house all manner of gym equipment, from weight lifting machines to bikes and treadmills, their durable and secure nature means equipment is kept safe and protected from outdoor elements, and teamed with large windows and the right placement, you can ensure your workout is always accompanied by great views.

Shipping Container Gym

Garden office or studio

Converting a shipping container into a fully-functioning garden office or studio can create an inspiring workspace for your profession or hobby. As garden offices generally don’t require planning permission, it can be a quick and easy solution for efficient working from home. Whether you use it as a creative studio or as a traditional office environment, it can be the perfect space to channel your productivity.

Shipping Container Office


The shipping container microbrewery industry is going from strength to strength at the moment, mainly down to the many benefits the format provides. Probably the most appealing of these is the cost-effective nature of a container - it’s much cheaper than building a new structure for a brewery, making it a lot more financially viable than bricks and mortar.

Their compact nature means they don’t take up much space, and they don’t need to be disassembled if moving to a new location. Plus if and when production increases, it’s easy to scale up; simply add another container where needed, either stacked on top or adjacent to the existing container.

Take a look at The Veil Brewing Co's brewery in Richmond, VA.

Shipping Container Brewery

With so many different ways to transform shipping containers, it’s no wonder that people are tapping into their creativity and designing great new uses for them, and we’re certainly excited to see what innovative purposes they’ll serve in the future.


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