YBA PPC Founder and Managing Director Laura Moxham joined us for episode 10 - The Power of PPC: Navigating Google Ads in the Self Storage Sector.

Formerly ‘Your Business Angels’, YBA PPC is a Top 3% Google Premier Partner and voted by Google as one of the best in Europe for growing businesses online.

YBA PPC work with a range of clients from different industries, helping them navigate the ever-changing landscape of Google Ads. The company is an approved SSA UK supplier and currently supports around 50 self storage customers with their advertising efforts, with the aim to increase incoming leads and subsequent revenue.

In the conversation with Cleveland’s Marketing Director, Lewis Pennicott, Laura explains the various ways you can approach Google Ads and the strategies that can be implemented. Her team can undertake Google audits, analysing data to identify areas of improvement and advising on how to differentiate your business from competitors.

Other talking points include:

  • Optimising website and landing pages
  • Making adverts stand out from the competition
  • Negative keywords
  • The importance of tracking ads correctly
  • Customer service and following up enquiries

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