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When Art Meets Containers...

The exhibit, which is named Van Gogh Alive after the famous Dutch artist, is a multi-sensory immersive experience, created by Grande Exhibitions.

Van Gogh Sunflowers projected onto containers

The experience has been showcased across 50 cities worldwide. However, in Wellington, Grande Exhibitions have brought the event outdoors projecting Van-Gogh’s work on a collection of 52 stacked shipping containers, as opposed to the projection being inside a venue.

From 28th August until 30th October 2020, visitors will be able to explore the maze of containers which will feature various works from the inspirational Vincent Van Gogh. His art will come alive in a unique fashion, with more than 3,000 images being projected over the many steel boxes/shipping containers that are stacked up to 8 metres high.

Van Gogh The Starry Night projected onto containers

“Synchronized to a powerful classical score, more than 3,000 Van Gogh images at enormous scale create a thrilling display that fills giant screens, walls, columns, ceilings and even the floor – immersing you entirely in the vibrant colours and vivid details that constitute Van Gogh’s unique style.”

Grande Exhibitions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing the multi-sensory experience outdoors has ensured the utmost safety for all visitors. The use of the shipping containers provides another factor enabling further adaptability to the art experience. 

Grande Exhibitions specialise in designing, creating and producing unique immersive travelling and fixed exhibition experiences.

Van Gogh Irises projected onto the side of containers



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