5 Container Homes We are Loving!

5 Container Homes We are Loving!

For many, a shipping container home may not sound very appealing but for us a container home is a very positive thing, it can be more cost-effective, built quickly and can also be eco-friendly.

STACK is Finally Open!

STACK is Finally Open!

The creative hub in Newcastle for work, culture, entertainment and play, constructed from 60 shipping containers supplied by us.

6 Ingenious Ways Shipping Containers are Being Used in the Hospitality Industry

Shipping Container Uses in Hospitality

Here we showcase some of the most creative, ingenious and downright bizarre hospitality uses of shipping containers across the globe.

STACK: The North-East’s First Shipping Container Village!

STACK Newcastle Shipping Container Village

The finishing touches are underway on the latest North-east project; ‘STACK’, a “creative social hub for entertainment, culture, work and play” developed entirely from shipping containers!

5 Amazing Ways Shipping Containers are Used Around the World

5 Amazing Shipping Container Applications

From housing and hotels to stadiums and skyscrapers, shipping containers are used all over the world right now and will be in the future too.

Cleveland Containers Double Workforce After Investment

Workforce Doubles After Investment

Cleveland Containers, backed by UK Steel Enterprise, has rewarded the investor’s confidence by increasing turnover to an expected £11m this year and doubling its workforce to nearly 50.

Cleveland Containers Thinks Inside of the Box With Office Expansion

Office Expansion Using Our Containers

We’re proud to announce we have expanded into a new head office, entirely constructed from our own containers.

Domestic Container Conversions: How Converting a Shipping Container Into Your Dream Home Could Save You Money and Save The Planet!

Benefits of Domestic Container Conversions

Here at Cleveland Containers, we are always keen to emphasise the huge variety of good uses you can put a shipping container to.

Cleveland Container's New Offices to be Made From Our Containers

Our New Offices to be Made From Containers

This month, we are delighted to announce a very exciting project: we're building brand new offices for ourselves out of our shipping containers!